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When You Are the Business – Can You Sell It?

I received a call from a friend and business associate regarding a valuation of a profitable company where the seller was the business. If you did the standard rule of thumb calculations, the business was worth $250,000-275,000. How much is the business worth when the seller leaves…..not much. The way out without just closing the doors takes 2-5… Read More »

What is SDE and Why is it Important?

SDE stands for Seller’s Discretionary Earnings and is also sometimes referred to as Cash Flow. What it reflects is the actual cash that should be available to a new owner of a business for sale. The Main Street Business arena is mostly filled with enterprising people that see being in business better than working for someone else. That… Read More »

Why do some business for sale listings have financial information and others not?

Businesses list for sale on the internet come in many varieties. Some listings are from professional brokers, some better than others and some are from the owners themselves. Assuming the person listing the business is a qualified professional they may choose to leave out most if not all of the financial information. The reasons may be: The seller… Read More »