Vitality Bowls – Superfood Cafe Franchise Available in Northwest Arkansas

By | July 25, 2017

VITALITY BOWLS – SUPERFOOD CAFEVitality Bowls Super Food Franchise Available in Northwest Arkansas

If you’ve ever wanted to own a food and beverage business that serves dishes you’re proud to put your name behind, VITALITY BOWLS is the right opportunity for you. They focus on real healthy superfoods, healthy lifestyles and super-healthy franchises.

Their motto is “The Food of Life” reflects their mission, which is to provide nourishing food to improve the lives of their customers, community and family. This commitment also extends to their franchisees, offering a unique capacity for tremendous growth.

VITALITY BOWLS creates new and exciting Acai Bowls, smoothies, juices, soups and panini. Their products meet strict quality and nutrition guidelines, which means no trans-fats, no artificial flavors or preservatives, no fillers, not ice and not added sugar. They source locally and offer seasonal, organic produce whenever possible.

Opening a VITALITY BOWLS franchise is inexpensive when compared with the cost of starting comparable restaurants.

Investment Information

Cash Investment:  Minimum $80,000 liquid assets per store and a total of $250,000 (may include lending).
Total Investment:  Traditional Unit (800-1,500 SF) $200,00-$250,000
Minimum Net Worth:  $300,000
Franchise Fee:  $35,000 single unit, $25,000 additional units purchase as multi-unit deal
Royalty:  6%
Ad  1.5-2%
Average Number of Employees 5-6 max at lunch
SBA Approved:  YES
Hours:  Mon-Sat 8:00-8:00 Sun 8:00-7:00

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